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The programme is designed to offer on-going, twice weekly group therapy sessions, peer-support (from other doctors attending) and also opportunities for one-to-one counselling sessions and family therapy, if desired. 


Group timings have been designed to fit in with potential shift work, offering one morning and/or one evening session a week. Clients can attend either one or both sessions per week. Each group session lasts 1.5 hr-2hrs.


Groups are delivered in a peer-support environment (other qualified doctors with similar problems), with the emphasis on mutual sharing, and facilitated by trained and accredited Addictions Counsellors. Groups will provide a combination of structured and open forum sessions. With respect to potential anxiety about confidentiality and career impact, this group will consists solely of doctors.


If desired, supportive one-to-one counselling sessions or family therapy can also be provided.


The programme will be delivered in the community based recovery setting, Living Room Cardiff centre, in South Wales, in a friendly, relaxed and informal environment, which is outside the usual healthcare/hospital environment. The pilot will be accessible to all qualified doctor in Wales, if they choose to travel to Cardiff. Currently, attendees travel to the centre from as far as Llandrindod Wells, Swansea, Carmarthen and Llanelli.



The programme includes


  • helping to regulate one’s emotions


  • Opportunity to openly discuss concerns in a confidential, safe and non- judgemental environment


  • Helping to understand the condition, increase understanding of one-self, increase awareness of behavioural and belief patterns, risks


  • Strategies to better cope with difficult situations, strategies to prevent relapse and self-help techniques to improve well-being


  • On-going access to groups and one-to-one counselling support|

  • Support will also be available to family members if desired


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